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Receiving Your Exam Results

Information for All Students

Your official transcript will be produced by the Study Abroad Office at the end of July.  This is done automatically for all students, and you do not have to request your transcript.  Erasmus students should note that we will not be able to complete the ‘ECTS Transcripts Form’ by hand for you, and your home university will instead accept our official transcript.

Your official transcript will be sent to the following destinations:

Erasmus (European) Exchange Students and Independent Study Abroad (Fee-Paying) Students
Your transcript will be posted to your permanent home address, as it is listed in the University’s computer system.  Please update your permanent home address on the Portal if necessary before leaving Leeds.  It is your responsibility to pass on your transcript to your home university so that they can assess your year/semester abroad and transfer credit if necessary.

Worldwide Exchange Students
Your transcript will be posted to the Study Abroad Office (or equivalent) at your home institution.  If you would like one of these copies you should contact your home study abroad adviser to ask if they can make one of them available to you.

Study Abroad Students from API and IFSA-Butler
Your transcript will be posted to your agent, who will then arrange for your academic record to be sent on to your home institution. 

Information for Full Year Students

You will be able to view your January exam results on the student portal: all schools and departments are obliged to make provisional Semester 1 marks available to students by the end of week four of teaching in Semester 2.  If your home institution wishes to see your exam results at the end of Semester 1, you should send them a print out of the information on the student portal.

Information for Semester 1 Students

Even if you leave Leeds in January, we cannot produce your official transcript until the following July.  The January exam results remain provisional until external exam board meetings in June/July.  Exceptions cannot be made to this rule, so please consider coming to Leeds carefully if you will need your transcript earlier than July.

The Study Abroad Office will produce a provisional transcript for all students who are studying at Leeds for Semester 1 only.  This will be sent via email in late February, to the destination mentioned above (depending on your situation). 

Information for Students Taking Postgraduate Modules

Results for postgraduate modules (coded 5xxxM) are not usually made official until the November following the end of your stay in Leeds (even if you finish in January).  This is because our taught postgraduate degrees end in October, and external exam boards usually only meet later in the year.

If you have taken a mixture of undergraduate and postgraduate modules, you will receive a transcript in July, but the postgraduate results will not be official yet.  You will then receive another transcript in November, which will show all your official results. This will be sent automatically by the Study Abroad Office, and you will not have to request it.

Understanding Your Transcript

There will be a web address printed on the back of your transcript that links to the General Description of the Diploma Supplement. This link includes useful information on how to interpret your transcript. Please click here for further information. 

You may also find useful information on US-UK grade conversions on the Fulbright Commission website. Please see the ‘Conversion Guide’ at the end of the page.

However, please also bear in mind that the transfer of credit ultimately rests with your home institution, and they may use a slightly different conversion system to that suggested by the University of Leeds.

Additional Copies of Your Transcript

If you need extra copies of your Study Abroad transcript (for further university applications, for example) you can order them directly from Student Services. Information about this can be found on the Student Services website.  The University of Leeds transcripts office can also be contacted directly on +44 (0)113 343 8877 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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